Award Winning Ring Gazebo For Stiliac

Gianpietro Tonetti Illustrates The Ring Gazebo For Stiliac

gianpietro tonetti, the maker of the award winning design Gazebo for STILIAC:RING by gianpietro tonetti explicates, Ring is a container of emotions, a defined space intended to be customized by the user to suit your preferences and needs. Modular s <Cropped>

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Premium Coffee Gift Packaging

A Famous Premium Coffee Brand and Desall Invite You to Design a New Line of Packaging Solutions, to Serve as Gifts For a Special Occasion, Be It Christmas or Other Celebrationpremium Coffee Gift Packaging New Packaging Design Contest On a Fam

A famous premium coffee brand and desall invite you to design a new line of packaging solutions, to serve as gifts for a special occasion, be it christmas or other celebrationPremium coffee gift packaging new packaging design contest on <Cropped>

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Wuliepoch Culture Center by Yingfan Zhang and Xiaojun Bu

Yingfan Zhang and Xiaojun Bu Illustrates The Wuliepoch Culture Center Culture Center

Yingfan Zhang and Xiaojun Bu, the project leader of the awarded design Culture Center:WuliEpoch Culture Center by Yingfan Zhang and Xiaojun Bu says, The project is located on a triangular lot, where still a set of showrooms functions need to be fit i <Cropped>

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Intrigue-Bracelet by Fabiana Coalova

Fabiana Coalova Discloses The Intrigue Bracelet

Fabiana Coalova, the architect of the awarded project Fabiana Coalova's Intrigue Bracelet says, This sporty and somehow masculine bracelet becomes the perfect feminine accessory capturing shimmering and glamorous shades thanks to the soft, color <Cropped>

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Faceted Tactile Light Series by Avni Sejpal

Avni Sejpal Shows The Faceted Tactile Light Series Lights/Lumieres

Avni Sejpal, the creative mind behind the awarded design Avni Sejpal's Faceted Tactile Light Series Lights/ Lumieres illustrates, The Faceted Tactile Light is a tactile and sensory experience of using traditional materials such as brass, copper <Cropped>

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Award Winning Geta Inheritance Handbag

Jingwen Zhang Creates The Geta Inheritance Handbag

Jingwen Zhang, the lead designer of the awarded project Jingwen Zhang's Geta Inheritance Handbag explains, In the early years, the clogs were invented in China during Tang Dynasty and then passed on to Japan in which has handed down so far. In c <Cropped>

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Villa of Light-Residential House by Ethospace Pte. Ltd

Ethospace Pte. Ltd. Shows The Villa of Light Residential House

Ethospace Pte. Ltd., the thinktank behind the award winning work Award Winning Villa of Light Residential House points out, Radiation of light from the main staircase with an Indian pierced screen, made of steel, spreading its rays throughout the vil <Cropped>

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Erforming Arts Theater by James Wei Ke, Hyunho Lee

James Wei Ke, Hyunho Lee Creates The Blue Note Beijing Erforming Arts Theater

James Wei Ke, Hyunho Lee, the maker of the award winning design Blue Note Beijing - erforming arts theater by James Wei Ke, Hyunho Lee says, The project located in the courtyard of this landmark complex. The procession of the space has a rhythm that <Cropped>

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Urs China Interactive Public Art Installation Design Competition 2020 Lingyun Lane

The Competition Aims to Create Distinctive Entrances For Urs China’s Urban Renewal Project Lingyun Lane

The competition aims to create distinctive entrances for urs china’s urban renewal project lingyun lane.

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Logo Design by Du Qingling

Du Qingling Shows The Apeer Logo Design

Du Qingling, the thinktank behind the awarded design Du Qingling's Apeer logo design says, It was designed for a travel company that serves the college community. According to its company characteristics, services and other areas of design. Get <Cropped>

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