Private Residence by Kirki Mariolopoulou

Kirki Mariolopoulou Shows The Opening House Private Residence

Kirki Mariolopoulou, the designer of the award winning design Opening House by Kirki Mariolopoulou illustrates, Due to strict regulations and a narrow sloped plot, Opening House was designed on a vertical axis so as to make maximum use of limited spa <Cropped>

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Maform Design Studio's Echarger Electric Car Charger

Maform Design Studio Shares The Echarger Electric Car Charger

Maform Design Studio, the maker of the displayed work Award Winning eCharger electric car charger illustrates, Evopro eCharger is designed to be seen but stay moderate to fit modern city environment. DC chargers are the fastest way to charge electri <Cropped>

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Commercial Offices Building by Mz Architects

Mz Architects Shares The Qatar Navigation Tower Commercial Offices Building

MZ Architects, the author of the highlighted design Qatar Navigation Tower - Commercial offices building by MZ Architects points out, The Qatar Navigation Tower exemplifies a sensibility that melds architecture and sculpture in an exuberant building. <Cropped>

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Chair by Quoc Trang Pham

Quoc Trang Pham Reveals The Oblique Chair

Quoc Trang Pham, the author of the awarded project Oblique by Quoc Trang Pham says, Oblique is a high quality chair which is taken shape from the idea of finding new design to break out of traditional form and this model is strong influence from cont <Cropped>

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Baggy Lamp-Lamp by Elnur Babayev

Elnur Babayev Portrays The Baggy Lamp Lamp

Elnur Babayev , the maker of the highlighted work Lamp:Baggy Lamp by Elnur Babayev spells out, “Baggy Lamp” is a serie of an accessory lamp concept for a modern and loft styled interiors with the shape of bag. The idea behind the concept is to co <Cropped>

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Floating Black Boxes-Exhibition by Onat Öktem-Ekin Ç. Turhan-Zeynep Öktem

Onat Öktem-Ekin Ç. Turhan-Zeynep Öktem Discloses The Floating Black Boxes Exhibition

Onat Öktem-Ekin Ç. Turhan-Zeynep Öktem, the maker of the highlighted work Floating Black Boxes by Onat Öktem-Ekin Ç. Turhan-Zeynep Öktem explicates, The exhibition theme based on the 'Unbuilt Visions' competition.The flying black boxe <Cropped>

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Sailing Catamaran: Bravo 40 by Adrian Bravo-Design Studio

Adrian Bravo-Design Studio Shares The Bravo 40 Sailing Catamaran

Adrian Bravo - Design Studio, the author of the awarded project Award Winning BRAVO 40 Sailing catamaran illustrates, The main element of the idea of this project is to create a comfortable living space for the crew of the yacht, a large number of w <Cropped>

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Eco Friendly Bussines Bag by Ana Golubic Brozovic

Ana Golubic Brozovic Reveals The Simplicity Eco Friendly Bussines Bag

Ana Golubic Brozovic, the architect of the awarded design Ana Golubic Brozovic's Simplicity ECO friendly bussines bag says, Simple shape, clear lines and accent on ecological material is what this bag is all about. The beauty of Simplicity Bag l <Cropped>

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Fontevita-Packaging by Pet Engineering

Pet Engineering Discloses The Fontevita Packaging

PET Engineering, the author of the awarded design FonteVita by PET Engineering spells out, FonteVita redefines the boundaries of premiumness for the horeca sector not with a glass packaging but with a plastic one through a eye-catching shape, a new t <Cropped>

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Pci Compliance Solution by Geoff Milton

Geoff Milton Exhibits The Pci Booking Pci Compliance Solution

Geoff Milton, the creator of the award winning design Geoff Milton's PCI Booking PCI Compliance solution points out, PCI Booking offers online travel agents, travel management companies, computer reservation systems, hotels and channel managers <Cropped>

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