Pepsi X Shfw Spring Summer 2019-Beverage Packaging by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Portrays The Pepsi X Shfw Spring Summer 2019 Beverage Packaging

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the maker of the award winning project Beverage Packaging:Pepsi x SHFW Spring Summer 2019 by PepsiCo Design & Innovation explains, The creative manifesto for Shanghai Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 was about indi <Cropped>

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Vladimir N. Bratchenko's Mariposa-Premium Red Wine Premium Red Wine

Vladimir N. Bratchenko Presents The Mariposa-Premium Red Wine Premium Red Wine

Vladimir N. Bratchenko, the project leader of the award winning project Premium Red Wine by Vladimir N. Bratchenko demonstrates, Wine design is based on a butterfly pattern of which is made using gold and ruby enamel, and completed with a graceful sh <Cropped>

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Arash Shojaee's Charchoob Multifunctional Chair

Arash Shojaee Designs The Charchoob Multifunctional Chair

Arash Shojaee, the creator of the awarded design Award Winning charchoob Multifunctional Chair explains, The cubic form of the product keeps it stable and balanced in all directions. Moreover the three way usage of the product in formal, informal and <Cropped>

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Menswear Collection:wanderlust in Wilderness by Ng Sze Wing

Ng Sze Wing Reveals The Wanderlust in Wilderness Menswear Collection

Ng Sze Wing, the lead designer of the award winning design Ng Sze Wing's Wanderlust In Wilderness Menswear Collection explains, This is a menswear collection, which takes inspiration from reincarnation. The designer thinks she was a bird without <Cropped>

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Lamp by Chifen Cheng

Chifen Cheng Creates The Focal Point Lamp

Chifen Cheng, the maker of the highlighted design Award Winning Focal Point Lamp explains, Focal Point Lamp is a source of illumination that serves many purposes. This lighting fixture combines a white-milky porcelain cube swiveling around a solid co <Cropped>

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Sheng-Hsin Hsu's The Field Is Embedded With Wisdom Interior Design

Sheng-Hsin Hsu Creates The The Field Is Embedded With Wisdom Interior Design

Sheng-Hsin Hsu, the maker of the awarded project Interior Design by Sheng-Hsin Hsu points out, The building is constructed into the sense of both verticality and penetration by using grilles. This designing concept is continued when the designer is t <Cropped>

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Sustainability Office Interior Design by Tik Chan

Tik Chan Discloses The Miss-Ed Beauty Sustainability Office Interior Design

Tik Chan, the maker of the award winning design Sustainability office Interior Design by Tik Chan explicates, There are many beautiful things but we missed it.The site is located in the industrial building where the new GREENLAND for young creative <Cropped>

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Yin Residence-apartment Residence by Gudc, Taiwan

Gudc, Taiwan Portrays The Yin Residence Apartment Residence

Gudc, Taiwan, the lead designer of the displayed project Yin Residence - Apartment Residence by Gudc, Taiwan says, The main approach is to let calming atmosphere of stone and warm texture of wood play the magic in the generous interior area. Designer <Cropped>

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3m For Design

New Contest On 3m and Desall Invite You to Design a New Furnishing Item For Indoors or Outdoors, That May Be Assembled Exclusively Using The 3m Adhesive Systems in Place of The Traditional Mechanical Fixing Methods (screws, Rivets, Soldering

New contest on 3m and desall invite you to design a new furnishing item for indoors or outdoors, that may be assembled exclusively using the 3m adhesive systems in place of the traditional mechanical fixing methods (screws, rivets, solder <Cropped>

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Flap by Rubén Saldaña Acle-Arkoslight

Rubén Saldaña Acle-arkoslight Discloses The Flap Architectural Lighting, Wallwasher

Rubén Saldaña Acle - Arkoslight, the creator of the awarded project Architectural Lighting, Wallwasher. by Rubén Saldaña Acle - Arkoslight demonstrates, Simple geometry and pure lines in this LED wall washer appliance. For its versatile fitting <Cropped>

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