Villa of Light-Residential House by Ethospace Pte. Ltd

Ethospace Pte. Ltd. Shows The Villa of Light Residential House

Ethospace Pte. Ltd., the thinktank behind the award winning work Award Winning Villa of Light Residential House points out, Radiation of light from the main staircase with an Indian pierced screen, made of steel, spreading its rays throughout the vil <Cropped>

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Erforming Arts Theater by James Wei Ke, Hyunho Lee

James Wei Ke, Hyunho Lee Creates The Blue Note Beijing Erforming Arts Theater

James Wei Ke, Hyunho Lee, the maker of the award winning design Blue Note Beijing - erforming arts theater by James Wei Ke, Hyunho Lee says, The project located in the courtyard of this landmark complex. The procession of the space has a rhythm that <Cropped>

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Urs China Interactive Public Art Installation Design Competition 2020 Lingyun Lane

The Competition Aims to Create Distinctive Entrances For Urs China’s Urban Renewal Project Lingyun Lane

The competition aims to create distinctive entrances for urs china’s urban renewal project lingyun lane.

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Logo Design by Du Qingling

Du Qingling Shows The Apeer Logo Design

Du Qingling, the thinktank behind the awarded design Du Qingling's Apeer logo design says, It was designed for a travel company that serves the college community. According to its company characteristics, services and other areas of design. Get <Cropped>

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Tempo House-Residential House by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Gisele Taranto Arquitetura Discloses The Tempo House Residential House

Gisele Taranto Arquitetura, the creative mind behind the award winning work Gisele Taranto Arquitetura's Tempo House Residential House points out, This Project is a complete refurbishment of a colonial style house in one of the most charming nei <Cropped>

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Surrealism-Interior Design by Iuan-Kai Fang

Iuan-Kai Fang Presents The Surrealism Interior Design

Iuan-Kai Fang, the author of the displayed project Award Winning Surrealism Interior Design points out, Showing the distinguishing accomplishments by the five surrealistic masters, who are Magritte, Delvaux, DALI, Ernst and Mir, the designer ingenuou <Cropped>

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We Are Ecosystem by Pt Sam Indonesia/Sam Cgi

Pt Sam Indonesia/Sam Cgi Creates The We Are Ecosystem Corporate Film

PT SAM Indonesia / SAM CGI, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Corporate Film:We Are Ecosystem by PT SAM Indonesia / SAM CGI spells out, This corporate film was created as part of marketing communication for Minna Padi, one of well know <Cropped>

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Jia Headquarters Taipei-Office by Kydo

Kydo Shares The Jia Headquarters Taipei Office

KYDO, the creator of the highlighted project Office:JIA Headquarters Taipei by KYDO points out, JIA is an international tableware brand that reinterprets Chinese craftsmanship with modern typologies. The interior design has realized this aesthetic vi <Cropped>

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Massaging and Stying Hairbrush by Dennis Fang

Dennis Fang Demonstrates The Tender Care Brush Massaging and Stying Hairbrush

Dennis Fang, the thinktank behind the awarded work Massaging and Stying Hairbrush:Tender Care Brush by Dennis Fang explains, The Tender Care Brush is a multifunctional hairbrush. The long and short bristles design helps to detangle the hair while giv <Cropped>

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Yicca 2020-International Contest of Contemporary Art

Yicca Contest Is a Huge Chance For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize and Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Submitted Works in An Art Gallery in Milan.the Competition’s Aim Is to Promote The Enrolled Artists, Giving Them Chance to Join The Intern

Yicca contest is a huge chance for the artists, which can win a cash prize and have the opportunity to exhibit the submitted works in an art gallery in milan.The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the i <Cropped>

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