Award Winning Portal Light Hallway

Akiko Yamashita Demonstrates The Portal Light Hallway

Akiko Yamashita, the creator of the award winning project Light Hallway:Portal by Akiko Yamashita explicates, 'Portal' is a led hallway designed by artist Akiko Yamashita in the weller court plaza in Little Tokyo Los Angeles in 2015. Inspir <Cropped>

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One in Motion by Surteco Decor Gmbh

Surteco Decor Gmbh Exhibits The One in Motion Surteco Fair Stand

Surteco Decor GmbH, the maker of the awarded design SURTECO fair stand:One in Motion by Surteco Decor GmbH explains, The strength of SURTECO was presented with an imposing architecture at interzum 2017. The aim was not simply to present areas of expe <Cropped>

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Stool by Andrew Cheng

Andrew Cheng Shares The Spring Stool Stool

Andrew Cheng, the creator of the awarded design Stool:Spring Stool by Andrew Cheng says, Spring stool is an all-wood cantilever bar stool with an inviting and playful appearance. The bar stool integrates solid wood and plywood in a unique way, as the <Cropped>

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Touchdown Station by Earlybird Design Studio

Earlybird Design Studio Demonstrates The Bitree Touchdown Station

EarlyBird Design Studio, the thinktank behind the highlighted design touchdown station by EarlyBird Design Studio says, BITree Touchdown, as a stand-up workstation, is an integral part of the co-working space. BITree Touchdown not only provides cowor <Cropped>

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Art Hotel by Yun Lu-Muda-Architects

Yun Lu-Muda-Architects Shows The M50 Art Hotel Art Hotel

Yun LU - MUDA-Architects, the creative mind behind the awarded project Yun LU - MUDA-Architects's M50 Art Hotel Art Hotel explains, M50 Art Hotel is located in Pingle, Sichuan. Related to the local culture, Pingle is planned to be a music theme <Cropped>

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Zlatina Petrova's Builtforimpact Website

Zlatina Petrova Shares The Builtforimpact Website

Zlatina Petrova, the creator of the highlighted work BuiltForImpact by Zlatina Petrova demonstrates, The BuiltForImpact system is a design methodology designed to help cause-driven companies stand out, sell better, and make more impact. It is designe <Cropped>

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Typeface:likaisong by Chenglong Tao

Chenglong Tao Spotlights The Likaisong Typeface

Chenglong Tao, the project leader of the awarded project Likaisong - Typeface by Chenglong Tao illustrates, This set of fonts contains Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Arabic numerals, their style is consistent. Chinese horiz <Cropped>

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Award Winning Junzi Interior Design

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Junzi Interior Design

The author of the awarded project Junzi by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Coordinated with the modern elegant structure, the Chinese-style restaurant furnished with the uneven wooden flats artistically creates majestic atmosphere spiraling upward thr <Cropped>

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Learning and Education Enviroment:woodbox Learning Enviroment by Alvaro Velasquez and Mauricio Nachmann

Alvaro Velasquez and Mauricio Nachmann Portrays The Woodbox Learning Enviroment Learning and Education Enviroment

Alvaro Velasquez and Mauricio Nachmann, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Learning and education Enviroment:Woodbox Learning Enviroment by Alvaro Velasquez and Mauricio Nachmann explicates, The college Building house classrooms, workshops, ca <Cropped>

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Award Winning Myth Graphic Design

Tomokazu Furudate Presents The Myth Graphic Design

Tomokazu Furudate, the creator of the displayed design Graphic design:Myth by Tomokazu Furudate explains, I created a design using a free tool called GIMP that can be used by anyone in the world, and took full advantage of its features. The idea is t <Cropped>

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