Flipp Chair by Mhd Al Sidawi

Mhd Al Sidawi Designs The Flipp Chair Folding Chair

Mhd Al Sidawi, the creator of the displayed design Award Winning Flipp Chair Folding Chair illustrates, Inspired by flowing movement and functionality, the Flipp Chair brings together minimalism and comfort in an eye-catching design. The chair aims t <Cropped>

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Your Umbrella, Your Perletti

Perletti and Desall Invite You to Create a New Umbrella, Able to Distinguish Itself From The Competitors Thanks to Its Design and Style Details That Make It a Very Distinguishable Product.your Umbrella, Your Perletti-design Your Iconic Umbrella On Desal

Perletti and desall invite you to create a new umbrella, able to distinguish itself from the competitors thanks to its design and style details that make it a very distinguishable product.Your umbrella, your perletti - design your iconic umbrella on <Cropped>

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Pepsico Design & Innovation's F!zz: Grab Life by The Bubbles! Beverage Event

Pepsico Design & Innovation Designs The F!zz: Grab Life by The Bubbles! Beverage Event

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the architect of the awarded project F!zz: Grab Life by the Bubbles! by PepsiCo Design & Innovation says, To define the F!ZZ beverage experience, we extended beyond traditional branded packaging, creating a uniq <Cropped>

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Outsign.lab Design Studio-office/Studio Design by Jacen, Shing Cheung

Jacen, Shing Cheung Creates The Outsign.lab Design Studio Office/Studio Design

Jacen, Shing Cheung, the author of the highlighted work OUTSIGN.Lab Design Studio - Office/ Studio Design by Jacen, Shing Cheung explains, OUTSGIN.lab is a creative laboratory, designers study how to apply their creativity on different media. Precise <Cropped>

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Illusion Spinner-Toy by Oscar De La Hera Gomez

Oscar De La Hera Gomez Portrays The Illusion Spinner Toy

Oscar de la Hera Gomez , the lead designer of the awarded design Illusion Spinner - Toy by Oscar de la Hera Gomez explicates, The Illusion Spinner is an unglazed, bone china spinner designed by Oscar de la Hera Gomez that is currently sold by the Mus <Cropped>

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Packaging Design:carpos by Panos Tsakirs

Panos Tsakirs Shows The Carpos Packaging Design

Panos Tsakirs, the project leader of the displayed work Carpos by Panos Tsakirs explains, From the very beginning, the brief was challenged in order to clarify the aim, reason and planning of the project. The guidelines and constraints were of paramo <Cropped>

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Commuter Fixtures by You Yin Ting

You Yin Ting Spotlights The Stop & Go Commuter Fixtures

You Yin Ting, the project leader of the displayed work Stop & Go by You Yin Ting explicates, Everyday Urban commuters subconsciously take over the city and arrogate space and fixtures, to rest, read, snack, or talk to someone somewhere else. Insp <Cropped>

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Adriatico by Benedetta Covanti

Benedetta Covanti Reveals The Adriatico Textile Design

Benedetta Covanti, the architect of the highlighted work Award Winning Adriatico Textile Design spells out, This project is inspired by the unique relationship between water and skin and the interplay between the two. Digitally created waves mimic fr <Cropped>

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Residential House:at Will by Ting-liang Chen, Shih-jie Lin

Ting-liang Chen, Shih-jie Lin Exhibits The At Will Residential House

TING-LIANG CHEN, SHIH-JIE LIN, the maker of the highlighted work Residential house by TING-LIANG CHEN, SHIH-JIE LIN says, This is a project that combines the rough and the delicate. The designers reserve the original cement ceiling and from which st <Cropped>

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Toy Blocks:kuum by Monogoto

Monogoto Demonstrates The Kuum Toy Blocks

monogoto, the lead designer of the awarded design Award Winning KUUM toy blocks says, This collection of intuitive wooden toy blocks consists of 12 iconic units, each with their own stories. The blocks have been described a "poetry for the playr <Cropped>

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