Customizable All-in-one Pc by Sultan Sel, Burak Emre Altınordu, Vestel

Sultan Sel, Burak Emre Altınordu, Vestel Spotlights The Bent Customizable All-in-one Pc Customizable All-in-one Pc

Sultan Sel, Burak Emre Altınordu, VESTEL, the creative mind behind the award winning project Customizable All-in-One PC by Sultan Sel, Burak Emre Altınordu, VESTEL spells out, Mass customization does not fit easily as a model within consumer electr <Cropped>

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Lumion Visualization Competition 2014

Lumion: Kids Can Win $30, 000 Cash! Use Lumion to Create The Best Architectural Video You Can and Win!

Lumion: kids can win $30,000 cash! use lumion to create the best architectural video you can and win!.

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Animated and Static Logo:one Day by Sharon Webber-Zvik

Sharon Webber-Zvik Illustrates The One Day Animated and Static Logo

Sharon Webber-Zvik, the architect of the highlighted project Animated and Static Logo by Sharon Webber-Zvik explicates, For a top multinational corporation announcement of their new Instant Messaging & Video Conference application in Israel, the <Cropped>

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Conceptual Minimalism-Office Small Scale by Helen Brasinika

Helen Brasinika Designs The Conceptual Minimalism Office Small Scale

Helen Brasinika, the author of the awarded design Office Small Scale :Conceptual Minimalism by Helen Brasinika spells out, The interior design is striped to an aesthetic, yet not functional minimalism. The open plan space is emphasized by clean lines <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ge’s New Bridge Suite Ship Control System

L a Design Spotlights The Ge’s New Bridge Suite Ship Control System

L A Design, the creator of the awarded project Ship Control System:GE’s New Bridge Suite by L A Design illustrates, GE’s modular ship control system is designed to fit both large and lightweight vessels, providing intuitive control and clear visu <Cropped>

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Ceramic Happy Desk

Small Ceramic Objects to Put On Office or Home Work Desksarta Ceramica, Mexican Artisan Enterprise, Is Looking For Small Ceramic Objects. Items Should Be Functional For Work Desks and Able to Get a Smile, Even On The Most Stressful Workdays. Timeline

Small ceramic objects to put on office or home work desksArta ceramica, mexican artisan enterprise, is looking for small ceramic objects. items should be functional for work desks and able to get a smile, even on the most stressful workdays. time <Cropped>

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Raw-Clock by Stanley Ruiz

Stanley Ruiz Demonstrates The Raw Clock

Stanley Ruiz, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Clock:Raw by Stanley Ruiz illustrates, Raw is a hanging clock that highlights the natural beauty of wood - its texture, color nuances, (im)perfections. Fabricated using a CNC-milling machine and <Cropped>

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Snowflake Vodka by Adrian Munoz

Adrian Munoz Reveals The Snowflake Vodka Vodka Bottle

Adrian Munoz, the thinktank behind the displayed project Award Winning Snowflake Vodka Vodka Bottle demonstrates, I got inspired by the simplicity and in the same time complexity of a snowflake. Most of the time we just pass through life without even <Cropped>

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Articulating Light Fixture by Jesse Stefani

Jesse Stefani Reveals The Blossom Articulating Light Fixture

Jesse Stefani, the creator of the awarded design Articulating light fixture by Jesse Stefani points out, This fixture is an example of looking outside the box...Instead of using an electronic wall dimmer switch to set the mood, this lamp uses a serie <Cropped>

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Wire Storming-Sigma

Propose Innovative New Business Ideas For B2c Steel-wire Industry.sigma Is An Italian Mechanical Engineering Company Looking For New Areas Where to Apply Their Own Technologies and Know-how, Mainly Based On The Working of Steel-wire. Propose An Interestin

Propose innovative new business ideas for b2c steel-wire industry.Sigma is an italian mechanical engineering company looking for new areas where to apply their own technologies and know-how, mainly based on the working of steel-wire. propose an inter <Cropped>

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